Cheese Copenhagen Video.

As part of the European Cheese Your Way campaign, we visited Copenhagen on 26th October to attend a local cheese festival in the Meat Packing District. More than 1,200 cheese fans attended Cheese Copenhagen, which showcased Danish, Irish and French cheeses, a Cheese Symposium and workshops.

The festival, presented by The Danish Dairy Board as a part of their cheese campaign called Ost & ko, offered samples of more than 150 different cheeses from 43 cheese makers. You had the opportunity to taste everything from cheese ice cream, cheese tacos, French onion soup and many more cheesy dishes! This short video created by who attended the event with us captures the highlights of the festival.


Each year of the Cheese Your Way campaign one country will host a platform cheese event, the first will be held in Denmark this October. Cheese Copenhagen, the biggest cheese festival in Denmark, will be held on Saturday 26th October 2019 from 10am-6pm at CPH Food Space, Meatpacking District, Copenhagen.

To ensure Ireland’s presence at Cheese Copenhagen, the National Dairy Council will attend the event along with some leading Irish food writers, bloggers and influencers to experience the Festival, learn about European Cheese and share learnings.

Guests to Cheese Copenhagen will get the opportunity to indulge in more than 100 of the best European and local, Danish cheeses. For example, white cheese, yellow cheese, blue cheese and cheese of entrepreneurial cheesemakers. Visitors will also meet and great both experienced and upcoming cheesemakers, get the latest cheese news and the opportunity to learn about cheese culture and different types of cheese.

We are delighted to announce as part of the Cheese Your Way campaign, Donal will be demonstrating some of his delicious cheese recipes at this this year’s National Ploughing Championships in Co Carlow on Tuesday 17th September.

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