Heather’s ‘Cheesy Comforts’ Ricotta Cheese Pie

By: Heather Heath

Heather Heath's ricotta pie recipe was a finalist for our Cheesy Comforts competition. GastroGays loved it for its beautiful presentation 'a showstopper, comforting pie that can be the star of the table.'

"My inspiration for this pie came from me living in Malta for 6 months. They use Ricotta cheese a lot for both savoury and sweet dishes. One of their most popular dishes was called Pastizzi which is a bit like a Maltese Pastie and was delicious.

The Mother of the family I stayed with was a wonderful cook and I remember many a dish she cooked with Ricotta so making my own pie using Ricotta cheese has brought back some very fond memories of my time in Malta and a bit of a tribute to Mrs Cachia who only died recently at the age of 93!"


- 500g Ricotta Cheese

- 300g Feta cheese (cubed)

- 300g Spinach

- 4 Tbsp Pesto (or more to taste)

- 2 Eggs

- Salt & Black Pepper to taste

- 500g Puff Pastry (2 pkts of Ready Rolled)


1. Grease a cake tin with butter (9.5 inch by 2.5 inches deep). Set oven to 180 degrees Use one packet of puff pastry to line bottom and sides of cake tin Bake blind for 15 minutes (or until slightly golden) As base is cooking prepare filling.

2. Mix together in a large bowl Ricotta cheese, Feta Cheese, Pesto, Spinach (wilt spinach first in a pan with a little butter and then remove excess moisture – I pat it with some kitchen roll) and 1 egg .

3. Mix all these ingredients well and when base is ready allow to cool a little before adding Ricotta mixture.

4. Meanwhile roll up about ¾ of other packet of ready rolled puff pastry then whilst still rolled slice into half inch rounds Put the mixture into the cake tin- spreading evenly Slightly loosen the pastry rounds – some may even unroll but that’s ok Place the pastry rounds on top of pie making sure not to leave any gaps (it doesn’t have to be perfect) This will give the pie an interesting top instead of a plain flat one ! Beat up the other egg and brush over the top of the pastry.

5. Bake in oven for 15 /20 mins or until golden brown. Enjoy !!

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