Pierre’s ‘Cheesy Comforts’ Irish Fondue

By: Pierre Dogliani

Pierre Dogliani's Irish Fondue was a finalist for our Cheesy Comforts competition. GastroGays decided that this was a well-deserved finalist because of its oozy, cheesy, unctuous way to enjoy cheese.

"This recipe is inspired by my love of cheese, of my country and the country I now live in (Ireland).

Coming from France , cheese has always been an important part of our meal, and we were having (and still have!) cheese at the end of each meal. Unfortunately, my mother does not like cheese, so the only cheese-based dishes we were not having were melted cheese dishes such as Raclette, Fondue or Tartiflette. Thereby, it took me a long time before I discovered Fondue on a trip to the Alps. My first dip and first taste of Fondue is still something I think of from time to time! It is the perfect comforting, fulfilling and tasteful dish to have after a long, tiring and cold day!

For this competition, I have choose to recreate a fondue, using only products from Ireland, especially the cheese, as the amount of high quality Irish cheese has been a really nice surprise when I moved here."

The recipe for this Irish Fondue is as follows:


- 100g of smoked Drumlin from Corleggy Cheese

- 100g of Drumlin from Corleggy Cheese

- 100g of Boyne Valley Bán from Boyne Valley Farmhouse cheese

- 1 garlic clove

- 1 shot of Jameson whiskey

- 1 spoon of Wholegrain irish mustard

- 150 mL of Guinness

To Dip In

- Diced bread (I have made a Guinness bread)

- Diced roasted vegetables (I used some diced beetroot, carrot and potato)


1. Cut all cheese in small pieces, or to grate it.

2. Put the Guinness, mustard and Jameson in a pot, peel and add the garlic clove, bring it all to a boil Step three: add all the cheese and lower the heat, mix continuously until all the cheese as melted. Step four: dip in whatever you like and enjoy!

3. While cooking, you can finish the Guinness, and take another one while eating the fondue! Otherwise a light red such as a Beaujolais would paired perfectly!

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